advanced veterinary medicine

Pet Diagnostics

Pet Diagnostics

Digital Radiography

Whether your pet is experiencing excessive vomiting, painful lameness, or having trouble breathing, we are here to help, providing x-rays as needed. Our state-of-the-art Sound Smart DR radiography system will get the job done with a high-quality image.

Wellness Bloodwork

Rox Falls Vet embraces early disease detection and being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to our pet’s health, giving us the opportunity to intervene early in the course of disease before your pet gets sick. As such we are happy to recommend general wellness screening at your pet’s next annual exam. Along with samples we can collect during the visit, when you come in…bring us those fecal samples!


This valuable imaging modality is noninvasive and can detect certain types of diseases quickly and easily. At Rox Falls Vet we utilize Versana Active Ultrasound equipment. Common Conditions we diagnose with ultrasound:

  • Abdominal Effusion-abnormal fluid in the abdomen
  • Pleural Effusion-abnormal fluid in the chest
  • Pericardial Effusion-abnormal fluid around the heart
  • Bladder Stones or Bladder Masses
  • Splenic Masses
  • Liver Masses

*For certain conditions, our Doctors may refer you to a Veterinary Radiologist for your pet’s Ultrasound.